Style G


The only wide-silhouette, free-riding model

Style-G features a wide deck and the G-2 wide board. Pick it if you want your enjoyment to center around park riding and freeride the most of the terrain on ski slopes.

EUR 1,549.00

Pick Style-G if you want your fun to center around park riding and freeride the most of terrain on ski slopes. The board deck is 40 mm wider than in the ONE series. The stability this width produces makes the board perfect for freestyle riding. This model was produced by team rider Takashi Gaman, who emphasizes the ability to be able to play to the full “from the first powder of morning to the park riding course in the afternoon.”

Advantages of the wide deck & G-2 wide board set

  • – It is easier to keep your balance because you can ride with a wider stance.
  • – You can attach the board with a wider pitch thanks to the special-purpose frame.
  • – The center pipe offers a good grip and facilitates control of Snowscoot in correspondence with the ride.
  • – With attachment at a wide pitch, you can get the most of torsion and transmission of movement even with a wide board.

About the wide pitch

The rear board can be attached at a wide pitch, i.e., of up to 160 mm in width. Please note that, with the exception of the P-1, boards with a 120-mm pitch cannot be attached.


  • AGOC [limited] Army Green Camo Orange
  • sand black
  • polish
A6061 Aluminum
A6061 Aluminum , O-shape Plate
Integral Headset (1-1/8”)
Handle bar
CrMo 8,0 inch
48 mm extension
226 mm
G-2, ABS Sidewall, Core Woodcore , Sole P-TEX